The Meaning Of This

The sole mission here is to light up the world….




In this stage of life 

And feeling the bite 

Through much insight 

And unsure if things 

Will be alright 

But hoping for a future 

That is bright 

And putting up a fight 

For when things go dark 

And turn off the lights 

Pull over and park 

Wishing for hope 

Trying to cope 

Pause it to point 

That makes time stand still 

And stay in place as a flying kite 

Shifting back and forth with the wind 

But holding on with all of your might 

By day and by night 

Sealing the deal 

That later on becomes real 

And something to feel 

To the point of memories 

That display a highlight reel 

Tossing out the wrong 

And embracing what’s right 

With no reason to feel contrite 

Out of sight 

Out of mind 

With the feeling of great height 

That doesn’t cross any lines 

To get there 

Must care 

To beware 

Of being unfair 

And the consequences of this decision 

That can place you in a lair 

Seen through both pair of eyes 

When all is said and done 

To not get caught up in lies 

For truth and equality 

Should favor the outcome 

As a far better reality 

Whether on purpose 

Or a technicality 

Instead of rallying towards 

And in the middle of a duality 

Doing whatever is needed 

To not become a travesty 

Or a tragedy 

Warping reality into something 

That may or may not exist 

And not sure what to make 

Of all this 

With a false sense of security 

Desiring and wanting 

To leave adequate space and room 

For this to become what it needs to be 

That is not a far cry 

Or negatively consumed 

From what lies with destiny 

That after it all 

Resonates and makes 

And never too late 

To turn my efforts great 

And show the ones and the rest of the world 

That truly needs to see 

Helping to create the map 

That indicates the layout 

As I continue to reach and persist

The very best parts of me 

Portraying the very meaning of this


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