I’ll Be Around




I’ll be around 

To make sure that my poetry 

Goes far beyond leaps and bounds 

To see change, go down 

Gathering those lost 

And helping them to be found 

Hitting the streets 

Listening to the many heartbeats 

For miles around 

No longer discreet 

Stuck on repeat 

Many walking with worn feet 

Making a peep 

And also, with much sound 

No time to clown 

For solutions must be found 

When despair and chaos 

Continue to hit the ground 

Smiles stuck in a box 

Due to so many frowns 

For the world needs 

To get balanced out 

More humbleness and less proud 

And have the ability 

To sway and move the crowds 

With positive vibes that send 

Shock waves all around 

And stated out loud 

Covering every city and town 

Because even the air on the ground 

Is starting to become too thin 

And this is where my poetry begins 

Yet has no end 

Not just some words and trend 

But rather aiming to transcend 

This chaotic world 

And inject hope once again 

Through the paper and pen 

Ready to fight for good anytime 

Just say when 

Because this matter is critical 

Pushing pass, the trivial 

As I 

Further embrace the literary and lyrical 

So that I 

Can relight the world 

In every direction 

And up and down 

Writing on every subject and section 

And pushing this art ahead 

Without hesitation 

As most will find and have found 

A poetic gown covering this world 

To be the oyster that inside 

Has a pearl 

The power of words by the pound 

A heavy weight that will be 

Difficult to knock down 

And to one day be 

The very crown of achievement 

That was heard and felt 

All the way around 

And wind up being 

The very thing needed 

And caused many smiles 

With now forgotten frowns 

As I 

Allow my words and pieces 

To travel this world 

And go beyond all leaps and bounds 

No limitations here 

Because my pen is drowned in ink 

With lots of paper had and found 

And letting off many poetic rounds 

With a nice running start 

And then will leave the ground 

With a swiftness and quickness 

And roaring out loud 

As I stated before 

Seeking to increase 

As wonders never cease 

And leave you wanting for more 

A passion for this and not a chore 

With much splendor and galore 

And refuse to quit or fall down 

So, embrace this poetry 

From each line and word 

That was written down 

Because one way or another 

After its all said and done 

And the smoke has cleared 

Never having any fear 

Hoping to be revered 

Sound or no sound 

Whether on the ground 

Or soaring among the clouds 

Far away or right here 

I’ll still be around 


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