Climbing Mountains



Seen from below

And on high

With great heights

That seems as if

To kiss the sky

As far as we know

But most of us

Never make the climb

To see and witness

The rest of the show

Done out of curiosity

And a desire to accomplish

Reaching the top

With some planning their whole life

To not stop

Until this actually happens

While others reek of panic and fear

Feeling much safer

Seeing them from down here

Right on the ground

For we are split on this

When this topic comes around

And yes, we all know how this sounds

Some wanting to escape there

And not be found

With the rest of us

Admiring them from miles around

And taken in by video and picture

Yet rest assure

That someone will make the climb

Even with all of the dangers

Associated with this

And will not rest

Until they check this off

Their bucket list

And planting a flag on top

Should they reach it

With a fascinating and brave story to tell

Retreating to it

And feeling compelled

To one day share

This experience with others

Admiring this natural wonder

And no one could ever take

This away from those

As the mountain beats with thunder

And a memory like no other

Flowing in the mind like a fountain

Hats off to those

That were able to

Climb the mountains


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