At One With Nature



We are at one with nature

Whether we acknowledge this or not

With no nomenclature

Worthy enough from us

They could state this a lot

Nor define its true essence

Unique and beautiful

With much respect due

That hopefully we’ll admire

And be taught a valuable lesson

Yet inspire to

An appreciation for the Creator

And the nature created for us

To live and react to

Live with and take in

Jaw dropping views

Natural candy we get to see

And interact with

Anytime we’re ready and want to

Skies so blue

And the radiance of the sun and moon

Even when dark

It’s a feast for the eyes

Gathering and igniting our senses

As nature is all around us

With much intrigue and surprise

As we can sometimes

Take the time

To stop, look, and listen

Much more and quite often

For having a proper interaction

With nature should not be an option

But rather seen and needed as

The very air that we breathe

Which this and many other things

Nature provides

Having such an impact

On all of our lives

And with all of its features

Realizing the vital importance

Of being one with nature


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