The Empty Bottle

Have you ever felt empty and dying to be whole again….?




Have you ever felt like?

An empty bottle

Waiting to be filled

And hoping that life

Will increase the throttle

So that you can feel more alive

Seen through your eyes

And radiating on the inside

Finding yourself wandering why

At various times

And hoping that the outside

Truly conveys what you want and need

And desire for your life

As your reflection

Seems to ask the very question

Of the direction

Your life is headed

With so many experiences and memories

Had and requiring subtle changes

Due to so much being embedded

For one’s life goes beyond

Just the aesthetic

For we need to seek the very vibes

That will be positive and magnetic

And beneficial in everyway

So that one day

You will be able to say

And also convey

How the much-needed changes

With into play

And started to take shape

Causing many to witness

And make you feel in some way

That a better life was possible


And move you away from the gray

Area that has had you for a while

As the desire for more

Begins to compile

Bringing about self-peace

And being able to now smile

Giving you a confidence

That will stay in place as tile

As life increases the throttle

Causing you

To no longer be

An empty bottle


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