No holding back

Just constant attacks

Feeding the flames

And not looking back

Pouring gas on the fire

Being the very desire

Instead of being better

And taking many higher

To inspire not expire

Motivate and not retire

But many have set out to conspire

Hurting those who are dire

And in need of more

Feeding the rich and starving the poor

Opening selective windows for some

While others receive a closed door

Wreaking havoc all around

Yet ignoring the very sounds

Of those in need

Walking right by them

Like they don’t exist

And continue to persist on

Doing the wrong things

As the right they resist

Checking off their list

Of selfish and heinous deeds

And money being the only thing of care

As many feed the beast of greed

With hate as the recipe

Justice unseen

Filthy hands that never become clean

And fascinated with destruction

Given and carrying out instructions

Where evil reigns supreme

The reality of it all

And trying to disrupt the fate

Of the masses

Done purposely and for the asking

A dark and vicious tasking

And not up for a debate

As it seems and feels

To them like it is titillating

Elevating and orchestrating

Faking and masquerading

But has it become too late

As most have fallen down

No time to sit around

While the world escalates


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