Can You See

How long will we continue to watch as the world crawls and falls????




Can you see  

That the world around you 

Is losing its grip 

And turning constantly the emotion of blue 

Can you see 

That the poor are getting worst off 

While the rich go on with their lives 

And the rest are suffering and lost 

Can you see 

That homelessness is growing 

And many are walking around 

With not one care showing 

Ignoring the very reality  

But act unknowingly 

Can you see 

More wars are occurring 

Peace is all but a wish 

While violence and unrest are constantly stirring 

Can you see 

The oppressed 

Winding up each year with less and less 

Never reaching their best 

As so much unfairness and selfishness 

Is being kept close to the chest 

Being covered by a privileged vest 

Yet failing the most important tests 

No nobility to speak of  

Or to be had 

Because how inhumane and sad 

To achieve greatness 

At the expense of others 

Having so much less 

And believing that placing self 

On a higher pedestal 

Is the thing to do 

While leaving everyone else behind 

As life beyond self is critical 

And not only about you 

Nor just your wants and needs 

Surpassing the populous 

At every single degree 

While we 

Fail to see 

That no one is truly successful 

Without the rest of humanity 

For this is never the priority 

Love and peace have been ignored 

And not the desired destiny 

War and conflict 

Has never nor ever will be 

The answer or solution 

To what plagues us all 

Daily and nightly 

That the world witnesses 

And repeatedly 

Rewinds instead of going forward 

Rolling backwards instead of towards 

The things that will truly 

Make a difference in all of our lives 

For the real work ahead 

Lies inside of us all 

Learning to unite and work together 

Instead of further separation and division 

Racism, hate, and more collisions 

As all of this and more 

Unnecessary bloodshed and gore 

Makes us continually fall 

On our faces 

For we need to forego all of this calamity 

And find a more suitable replacement 

That would actually shape a better future 

And change lives for the better 

Committing to this action 

To the letter 

And cause a positive chain reaction 

For all to embrace and be 

Will this ever happen 

I guess we will see 

But nothing will ever change 

If we all just continue to repeat 

The very things that doom humanity 

Has this been made clear 

For there is nothing more 

That I say or convey here 

Are we really going to continue? 

To sit by and watch 

And freeze due to hesitation and fear 

As evil acts frequently abound 

Up and down 

Much suffering and frowns 

To be found 

For miles around 

Both far and near 

Causing the whole world to be on the brink 

And further disappear 

Because we refuse to use 

The correct key 

To unlock the door 

To so much more 

And head in the right direction 

And making the necessary corrections 

In order to get 

To where we 

All need to be 

Time to wake up to reality 

Can you see 

Can you see 

Can you see 


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