Speak Volumes



Making room

So that I can write soon

Spilling out rhymes

On a silver spoon

The opposite of doom

Shooting them out like a harpoon

In close proximity

As the light in a room

To not ever swoon

Nor be consumed

With fear of the future

As this poetry booms

As it continues to bloom

And never assume

That this is done or over with

Because it would be too soon

Not to be buried

And lie in a tomb

But to gather more speed and continue

To zoom

Never running on fumes

And to whom

This relates to

Never soft as plume

But material that can be

Related to

But much heart involved

When needed to

But with eyes of flames

That’s enough for two

Don’t presume

That I’ve run out of space or room

On the hunt and chase

Never a break

Take a brief pause

But then resume

The aptitude

And fortitude

To do what I need to do

Hopefully this will be good

With the rest of you

To slay and slew

And spew out these lyrics

Get chills when you read it

With my poetry to the rescue

The literary boom

Meant for the world

And all of you

To forever loom

As I very neatly groom

Each poetic piece

That will speak volumes


Where writing comes alive

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