I want to leave behind

A legacy

One that people will feel and still see

Apparently and obviously

Well after life is done with me

Through the words and lines

That I committed to

Throughout this art form called poetry

Changing the world

One word at a time

Every line that rhymed

Many original pieces

That shined and caused many faces

To actually smile

Connected to each one

Whether emotionally or just for fun

And knew without a shadow of doubt

That I never allowed anything or anyone

To slowed me down nor stopped my mission

For this will be seen throughout

Every poetic rendition

That I penned

As the paper and poetry over and over again

Collaborated with me until the very end

Lyrically and artistically

Honed my craft within the literary

As I basked and bathed in its essence

And answered the call

When it arrived in my presence

And through it all

Shocked but never appalled

And down for the cause

Hopefully displayed and conveyed

Many of life’s lessons

Unpredictable each time

Because there was no telling

What direction I would go

For all I know

Is when the time came to write

I simply allowed it to just flow

Harnessing the passion and energy

That dwelled and surrounded me

Coming out of the pores and the pen

That later on eventually

Everyone would get to see

To read and witness

My poetic journey and path

That left behind the aftermath

That became the poet

Which evolved into me

And truly left this world

With my light and legacy


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