What We Face

Intro to History of Black:

We’ll never forget the horrible things that have happened to us….but we continue to push on….




The skin and color 

Of the dark race 

And all of the calamity 

That we have faced 

And still do 

Wanting us to forget about this 

Just because you choose to 

So long ago 

But how so 

When each day we wake 

We come in contact with this 

Can’t truly let go 

When it continues to persist 

Hate and racism 

Is said and done upfront 

But treated as denialism 

Injustice and police brutality 

As our actual reality 

Not something we chose to make up 

Or created some type of catastrophe 

And always seen as less than

For what we’ve gone through

No one else could ever understand 

So why won’t other people 

Just wake up already 

Going through the same old thing 

As it continues and holds steady 

And all it has brought and brings 

Telling us to move on 

Is highly insulting 

Like telling water not to be wet 

As many have benefitted off of us 

And we will never forget 

You will never convince any of us 

That everything has gotten so much better 

Living in a constant state of flux 

Right down to the letter 

A nightmare if you will 

Felt by all of us 

The vast majority of the time 

And despite the weather 

As this never sits still 

Racist appeal 

And making deals  

To further attempt to seal 

Our fate 

But everything is so great 

As of late 

But wait 

This is not up for a debate 

For everything done to us 

Was completely on purpose 

And not done by mistake 

Wanting us to placate 

And downplay 

What has always been the case 

Both so called black and brown 

Many tears have been shed 

Along with many faces with frowns 

Hate felt all around 

And just because no one speaks 

Or makes a sound 

We know for a fact 

That this consistently abounds 

Throughout most of the nations 

For discrimination 

And mistreatment against us 

Has never taken a vacation 

Not one damn day 

No matter what anyone else 

Has to say 

Because unless you have actually lived it 

And have personally gone through this 

There is nothing you can say 

Persuade or convey 

To us in anyway 

Having to live life inside and out 

Feeling blue and residing in gray 

And have suffered in every single way 

For I could very easily 

List all of the calamity we’ve endured 

For days 

Because this doesn’t even begin 

To convey or display 

Nor scratch the surface 

Being in the middle 

Of a three-ring circus 

Has been and is the case 

For all that we have truly endured 

Is what we also continue to face 


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