History Of Black

This was not an easy piece to write, but as a poet I cannot be afraid to speak from my mind and heart. My people are not a color or a country, we are a culture of people that are and have been the pulse and heartbeat of nations that have never seen us as humanity’s equals.




One observed month

Cannot even begin to encompass

All of the rich and horrid past

Just by giving a semi want

That is only about us

Waiting for a thank you

Or an at last

Not here says me

Because we haven’t even begun

To cover all of this culture’s history

Past or present

And in all of its essence

Mostly dark but some light

And this nation has yet

To get this right

Covering the full and complete plight

Of my people

Never having been seen as equal

As this nation

Just keeps carrying on

The same old sequels

With a problematic


Pragmatic and systematic way

That doesn’t include us

In anyway

Form or shape

Yet we should all celebrate

Past sins and mistakes

Evil and vile deeds

That are always on display

With our true history

Never taught and continues to be hidden

From the masses in every possible way

But given one month you say

Well it is black history

Every single day

From the very beginning

Not just the month of February

That is currently trending

Indicating and displaying historical figures

Their speeches and quotations

But how many of them were assassinated

And called a name that rhymes with triggers

We really need to look at and discuss

The real underlining issues

That forever plaque this nation

As well as others

The hard and difficult lives felt

And experienced

By my sisters and brothers

The fathers and mothers

Constantly under attack

History that is sorely lacked

Seen as violent and criminal

Just for standing up for self

And saying something back

Seen as racist for garnishing some pride

When it’s the hardest thing to actually show

And truly have inside

All of the tears and cries

And asking why

I could go on

But there is no need

I think that most

Will get what I mean

And maybe some naïve

For I’m just speaking the truth

And sharing some facts

Speaking from my heart and soul

On the history of black


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