The Leaf That Found Its Place



The flying leaf

That fell from the tree

Soaring about

On the wind so freely

Just moving through the air

Not sure when or where

That it will land

Because as soon as it leaves

The branch of the tree

Is right when it begins

The uncertain journey

And displaying the various colors

As they stand out from each other

That many will see

From its top to the stem

For there are so many

And numerous variations of them

From thick to slim

And different textures

Growing and falling

Depending on the weather

And the areas where they reside

Doing what they do best

And over many years of time

Just one piece of nature

With not much weight

Yet have their own uniqueness

And purpose in any case

Watching them come and go

With the seasons

As we see them take shape

For natural reasons

Witnessing them fall and fly by

Then eventually land

And unlike grains of sand

They have no designated home

For they are always

Free to roam

But most of the time

Their origin can be traced

For this is the story and life

Of the leaf that found its place


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