It Will Never Be

My world and poetry….





Will never be the death of me

But rather the breath of life

That invigorates me

Giving me lots of energy

Words and lines

For all to see

Read and hear

Show up and make waves

But never truly disappear

Escalating me to a place

Where not even stairs can go

The best thing that I’ve come to know

Seeing the passion in my eyes

And the perseverance on my face

A fire comprised

As it comes alive

Inside my heart and mind

Never severing ties

And looking to what lies ahead

Activating a poetic pulse rate

That will be off the charts

The very source that will never depart

A fiery dart

That cannot be measured nor read

This cannot wait

Nor is up for a debate

Lyrical traits found in my blood

With literary vibes

That will stick like mud

Artistical energy

That just constantly floods

Poetic rhymes and lines

That continue to bloom and bud

Growing and glowing

And aiming to reach heights

In the category of legend

As I continue to spin and blend

Light and write out

My poetic essence

And along the way

Have learned many lessons

Poetry is the salad

And I am the dressing

Very unpredictable

So, there is no telling

Just where I might go

As I rhyme and grind

With my poetical flow

The right recipe

Fulfilling destiny

Lighting these words

For the whole world to see

The very air that I breathe

Succeed and leave

Repeat and retrieve

The unlimited energy

Seen and felt

With each read

Standing proudly

And not on my knees

Reaching the vast depths of the sea

Soaring the very sky above me

Crushing the negative

And focusing


Walking the path

Laid out for me

For poetry will never be

The death of me


Where writing comes alive

Writings By MCM