Daydreaming of things

And to what that might bring

Sight unseen

Wanting to push pass

Just a dream

The reality of things

Hoped for and wanted

Pushing hard for this

And consider it the hunted

A state of dreaming

Within the day

Lost in self in that moment

As some would say

Lost in one’s thoughts

But a pleasant state of being

Many things sought

And for your reasons

Amusing and then wishing

Accusing self of thinking

And raising up this idea or theory

Hoping that this will come to life

And not appear dreary

A fanciful or maybe an impractical thing

Staying positive that this will go

Beyond just a dream

And speaking such things into existence

Feeling the need and desire

Of this happening in an instance

Stuck in a trance

As your thoughts dance

Inside of your mind

A party of sorts

Of this very moment in time

That only you can see

Basking in this dream world

That I call reverie


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