Icy Waters Reflecting Clouds



Watching as the clouds

Float above the ice

Spreading out among leaps and bounds

Yet always nice

Scattering over the icy waters

With a blend and mix of different shades

And unique colors

A fascinating display

Unlike any other

A natural canvass

Is what we have here

Sitting in midair

Within the atmosphere

The frozen ice floating in the midst

Of the water

And seems to be organized

In some kind of natural order

As they border and are also separate

In the coolness thereof

Various glaciers of ice

That just sit and wait

Fitting like a glove

And nice and snug

Knowing that they belong here

And do so as they appear

Reflecting and directing themselves

Over the watery display

And tend to convey and express

To the sky right over them

A calmness and a peacefulness

That never looks and acts grim

From thin to thick

Small to large

Just picture this

With no one in charge

Very independent

And comfortable by far

Looking around

And enjoying slight sounds

As the icy waters

Reflect the clouds


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