Art is always open to


From what is seen and read

Heard and felt

As it is being taken in

And circling about one’s mind

Does it make your pulse rate speed up?

How does it make you feel?

On the inside

Where do you begin?

To even comprehend

What the artist is saying and stating

Relaying and displaying

As to see and gather the whole picture

Maybe a caricature

A visionary blend of images and words

Never quite seen before

Nor ever been heard

May seem or appear absurd

And oddity with a description

That cannot be put into words

Or seen as the greatest thing ever

Embracing the artist’s visionary endeavor

Seeing their work as is

Or in a very peculiar way

That just works for you

Taken in both internally and externally

From just a mere view

Doesn’t have to make sense

Nor have an actual balance

But instead see or read it

For what it is

And share the experience by lips

Or post to your heart’s content

The artist is just happy enough

That the world got to witness it

Gathering people from all locations

And never will cause any separation

For art is always open to



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