For If Life Is

My poetic thoughts sealed within this heartfelt piece….



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For if life is a mirror

Then show me the way

Reflect the image needed

To guide me through another day

For if life is a tree

Show me the nutrients needed

To grow to the height

Where I’m supposed to be

Standing proud and tall

And looking toward and forward

To my intended destiny

For if life is a train

Push me along the right tracks

Staying aligned with the rails

From where I’m at

To where I want to go

And know that this is the place

Once seen by my eyes

And displays the emotion on my face

I will come to know

With a feeling of contentment

That I never want to go away

Or ever have replaced

For if life is

The very clouds above

Showcasing aerial movement

Soaring overhead

Due to lots of love

And much ambition to speak of

With every intent

Words came and actions went

Down because of this

The opportunity clutched and in hand

As I open my closed fist

Reaching and dreaming of more

That does not yet exist

But will persist on hunting it

Ready to capture this

And have locked on to its scent

For if life is

On the wings of a bird

That completes its first flight

Then finally lands

All while holding vast energy

In the palm of my hands

For if life is a map

Then point me in the right direction

To help aid me with and make

Necessary course corrections

Steering through the intersections

From beginning to end

As events unfold

Guiding me well enough through

Even when things are not in my control

And earn the ages of old

While youthfulness still rolls

Stepping out of the shade

To where light continues to show

Wishful thinking

That desires fulfillment

Of dreams on a list

With hopes of becoming

As real as they can get

For if life is

For if life is


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