The pulse of many

Regarding critical and free thinking

That is clearly missing

The sporadically and radically

Openness and independence

Of the very mind

Told and shown over time

What to think and how to feel

How can anyone call this living?

Or being real

As your brain sits still

And waiting to be spoon fed

So how is this any different

Than basically being dead

An emptiness of what is real

And missing all that needs to be revealed

That has been constantly concealed

Away from all

Living and breathing daily

But consistently heading for a fall

It is time

For us to be revived

And feel an actual pulse for once

In order to truly feel alive

Seeking and reaching for true knowledge

Awaiting you from the Most High

With the unique ability

To open your eyes

And especially your mind

Covering the heart

And making the entire body just fall in line

We need to get with the times

That consist of the truth

Instead getting more and more

Comfortable with lies

Finding a new purpose

A breath of new and fresh air

To be in tune with your natural senses given

As you stop and stare

And contemplate on how to actually get there

You need no other reason

For we cannot continue pleasing

Everything that means us harm

And will never be beneficial

Grabbing for a tissue

As you have to come to grips

With these highly important issues

With every intention to improve and strengthen

Your true resolve

And reignite your personal growth

So that you can evolve

The act of being revived

So that you can truly feel alive

Both inside and outside





Recovery and energy

Very much needed

For your mind can’t expand

If you never feed it

The renewal and awakening of you

Finally coming into the truth

As it awaits your arrival

And realizing that there is something

Special about you

So welcome to

The revival


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