The Sun Is Here



It comes and goes

Each and everyday

And can’t help but pay

Close attention to it

A sheer radiance

That is absolutely amazing

And soaking up its light

As it beams its rays

When out and on display

And being of pure delight

A feeling and sensation

Felt as it shines in full glory

The various memories had

That convey the many stories

Placing the sun

In its very own category

A feat easily accomplished

That is so unique

And being such a treat

And a feast for the eyes

For this natural phenomenon

Never skips a beat

And sorely missed

When it retreats

And worth more than we realize

The warmth is appreciated

As it continues to brighten our days

Rises to begin the day

And the first glance of the morning

Believing the day will start well

As the sun is joining the sky

And believed that it has started

A positive outlook on the day

Heats and follows its path

Throughout the day

And continues to display its radiance

With each ray

Such essence and energy

Embraced and seen

Each time we meet

And pushing with such force

Never showing signs of fatigue

As it stays on course

Speaks greatly with no voice

And being our main source

Of natural light

And doesn’t depart from us

Until the arrival of night

Then disappears

But don’t fret

Because it will return

And reappear

Much appreciation is due

As it comes about

For it is one of many things

That we cannot do without

As it illuminates the atmosphere

Brace yourself and enjoy its presence

When it comes near

And hold it most dear

Basking in its solar essence

For the sun is here


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