Orange Evening

The followup to the poem “The Sun Is Here”




Winding down the day

As the sun goes away

With the sky painted naturally

And orange in color

Showing a display like no other

As it begins to make way

For the upcoming moon

That will be arriving soon

And just watching the sun

Leave behind a darker shade

The just seems to fade

Behind and among

The curtain of clouds

Staying very still

And not making a sound

While others move about

And barely reveal

With very little light in the air

But can’t help but stop and stare

As it was captured

A picturesque moment

Held gracefully right there

Waiting for what comes afterwards

As the next stage and phase

Will light the night

And cause a glare

At the end of the day

And left receiving

Basking in the thick glow

Of the orange evening


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