It is disparaging to see 

That we as human beings 

Act as if 

We don’t occupy the same world 

And being in close proximity 

To one another 

But some rather be a recluse 

Be xenophobic 

And treating many as subhuman 

Purposely and well aware of this 

For when they come around 

For when they come near 

And appear 

Certain people feel the effects 

Of anthropophobia 

That just comes over them 

When in the presence of  

A very different skin tone 

And judging a person 

Solely based on this alone 

Instead of their actual character 

Acting like a bunch of amateurs 

But when we were children 

You played and befriended everyone 

But somewhere down the line 

This no longer seemed fun 

And taught to shun certain people 

Simply because they were different then you 

Yet share many human traits and characteristics 

And more than a few 

Since when did someone’s appearance 

Caused them to be less than 

Or more than 

Besides being a woman or man 

Boy or girl 

An adherence to hate 

And don’t dare mention it 

Nor is it up for a debate 

Has it become too late? 

To have a sit-down and discuss 

The very issues that surrounds us 

Instead of seeing and treating people 

With such disgust 

We’d all rather fight and fuss 

No peace  

No trust 

Treating each other rough 

Hate has replaced love 

Will anyone in this world instead 

Just stand up 

And say enough is enough 

And not see all of this 

As the standard of being and living 

Bad behavior going on 

For no real apparent reasons 

Ignorance has made a home 

And intelligence has left the building 

To hell with good 

And embrace the guilty 

Along with the unwilling 

Daily making enemies 

Instead of more friends 

Time for this foolishness 

To come to an end 

Putting forth real and more effort 

Not just pretend 

We all reside on this Earth 

The very home we’re occupying 

Reminding ourselves that we  

Share the same places and spaces 

And have always been 

In close proximity 


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