Complex Rhyme

A poem that I had to get out of my system….




A little wordplay here

A play on words

Showing the complexities

Of lyrical necessity

Mixed and blended in

With the literary

As you read this

It is meant to take you to a place

That will cause a smile on the face

Speed up the pulse rate

And outpace the beating heart

From the very start

All the way to the end

So, shall I begin?

To spray and spread out like a geyser

Never retire

Always hire

My words and lines

To take poetry higher

Energy and a fire

That will never expire

Not a pilot but I am a flyer

A constant riser

A super sizer

Dropping rhymes atomically

Like that of Oppenheimer

And none the wiser

Artistically admire

Legends before me

That help fueled my desire

Thinking critically


My thoughts are inside

And right next to me

Lyrically becoming

And aiming to be

Ingenious with the literary

For all to see

Connected spiritually

Physically and mentally

Emotionally and Logically

To this wonderful thing

Called poetry

To help lead the way

Each and everyday



Always taking shape

Poetic royalty

Is all I want to be

Respecting the artistry


And inverting every line

Augmenting with the pen

Transforming from thick to thin

No carbon copies

All original

Very lyrical

But my carbon dating

Predates me

Or so it seems

Readily and steadily

Writing out my poetic thoughts

Against the paper

Adding poetical flavor

Lines and rhymes

Messages and meanings to savor

With each piece that is conceived

Received and read

The title and lines

And all words in between

As I put them to bed

Having the recipe

And evolving my craft

That I hone and own

In order to

Enhance the aftermath

Never knowing what’s next

Thinking about subtext

Until the time comes

For when the thoughts hit

I grab the pen and run

To write it all down

A science and art to this

As I move down the page

With the finished product

Ready for display

As I write night and day

And all the time

To allow my light to shine

Poetry I share

But they are mine

Through the literary

With a consistency

That engages lyrically


And always on this poetic grind

As I sit here and write out

The finished result

Of the complex rhyme


Where writing comes alive

Writings By MCM