This I Wrote

My thoughts on being the poet that I have become….




Written and penned 

From beginning to end 

As I travel with poetry 

And each word and line 

That was wrote 

As I try to cope 

With being a poet 

In times that are not so nice and kind 

Trying to stay and keep my focus 

At bay 

Reading my art out loud 

And listening to the very words 

That I spoke 

In and out of the door 

As the air comes through 

The cracked window 

Using this to shine a light

And to help restore 

From where darkness has taken flight 

As I continue to lyrically fight 

As I proceed to poetically write 

Placing and sending them out 


Moving them like chess pieces 

And embracing the literary 

Being strategically poetic 

Right out the door 

Having become magnetic 

And leave you wanting for more 

As each one takes shape 

Writing early or late 

Sleep and no sleep 

Forgetting at times to eat 

For poetry has consumed me 

Lyrically and critically 

And being the very air at times 

That I breathe 

Planting a seed with each art piece 

Shining a constant light 

And always aiming to increase 

Its intensity 

A luminescence that I hope one day 

Will be all that anyone will see 

Covering the darkness over 

Until it can no longer be seen 

For these are my words 

For this is my promise 

Prompting me to evolve 

And be the compass 

For others to follow 

A fire and passion for this 

Filled up inside 

And never hollow 

Sending vibrant energy 

As each arrives and occurs 

And being the positive thing 

That many ears heard 

The hopefulness that was always 

Seen and read 

Whether starting off your day 

Or the very last thing 

That put you to bed 

I have spoken 

I have said 

Leaving poetic tokens 

With the color of red 

A love for this 

That is consistently fed 

And highly favored 


As I cater and labor 

As each one is uniquely tailored 

Well thought out and bespoke 

For this is the realest poetic thing 

That I ever spoke of and wrote 


Where writing comes alive

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