The pen the paper 

Contemplating the next poetic caper 

With a blend of words and lines 

Carrying on poetic chapters 

Of stories from the poet 

With a variation of artistic eyes 

A lyrical frame of mind 

With poetic thoughts circling over time 

The literary burning inside 

Taking me higher up and above the sky 

Originality at its best 

With poetic energy and efforts 

That will never rest 

As the passion and artistic essence of this 

Never takes a vacation 

For it cannot resist 

For it will persist 

Living and writing through poetry 

A thousand times 

As the air circulates each breath 

With poetry ever growing 

And never knowing 

What it means to have a sweet death 

Obsessed with words 

Penning the language arts in such a way 

That has never been read or heard 

Hearts and minds stirred up 

From what just took place 

And has occurred 

Not odd or absurd 

Nor thrown for a curve 

Just giving the whole world over 

A light and hope that is sorely needed 

And that many deserve 

Upholding the lyrical 

Free and radical thinking 

That is crucial and critical 

With thoughts and lines that bind 

And the vast pieces of my poetry 

That always aims to shine 

Poetical creations on the daily 

And gradually escapes my mind 

Nicely tailored and caters 

To me and all 

Wearing this as a suit and tie 

And stands against a wall 

As poetical memories 

Are often spoken of and recalled 

Readings that stand tall 

With a literary backdrop 

Surrounded by a poetic waterfall 

And doesn’t know the meaning of the word stop 

Completely opt in to be 

Clearly and sincerely defined 

With every intention of evolving 

And becoming as a fine wine 

As it stirs up and pours out 

Into a crystal glass 

During and after my life 

With a lifetime pass 

And to be all and encompasses 

Everything that we see 

For this is the story and journey of a poet 

As my written version entitled 



Where writing comes alive

Writings By MCM