The rate and pace of a thing

And a given direction

Measured with the speed it brings

The ability of rapidity

A constant operation and motion

With a swiftness and energy

That causes a commotion

Incredible and unique

As so many things

Move with speed

Whether it can or can’t be

Physically seen

And measuring everything else in between

Naturally or by machine

At a rate and tempo

That aligns the speed

A vector of quantity

With such magnitude

Adding direction to define it

And see it through

Moving with such energy

That is being consumed

And in tuned with time

Along with miles per hour

Much displacement in small bursts

Seeing just how fast

It can get there first

Within the designated space

And race at a pace

Until it dissipates

And face the road or sky ahead

Moving as the wind

And not as lead

Light in movement

And not much tread or smoke

Left behind

And with hopes

That this can stop on a dime

When the time comes

To proceed to slow down this speed

Halting this immediately

And counteracting

The velocity


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