Starting off slowly

Then builds as it goes

The speed strengthens

And begins growing

Having reached a flow

Moving along at a rate

With much force behind it

The image starts to blur

To the point that one

Can no longer find it

Nor see its form

The need for speed

That have surpassed the norm indeed

Pacing along with much

Kinetic energy

And the quantity

Of mass and velocity

Measured with its movement

The tendency of this object

To continue consistently and rapidly

Has gone beyond slowly

To fast moving

As the time goes by

The amount of speed and motion

Moving along a line

No matter if its

On the ground or can fly

Speed put together

Influenced partially by the elements

And against the weather

Weighted heavily

Or light as a feather

An event that just keeps on developing

Well after it was initiated

Amassing such speeds

Not always anticipated

Measuring the difficulty

Of bringing this to a halt

Especially since the speed

That has been reached

Possibly cannot be stopped or caught

Motion occurring and moving forward

With a brute force heading towards

A process that has gained

A pattern and rhythm

And being the very vehicle itself

That has become equal

To the object and its velocity

With the ability given enough space

To amass weight in tons

A force to be reckoned with

And not to be outdone

Mass in motion

Better known as momentum


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