Leaving Darkness For Light



Sitting and standing

Basking and embracing

The darkness around

There in the middle of it

And not making a peep or sound

There in silence

And being present

Trying to leave it behind

But haven’t learned a lesson

The shadowy and mysterious presence

Just covering you

Surrounding everything

And has become your truth

But the time has come

You have made up your mind

To leave it for something better

And place it behind you

Making and finding your way to the light

And bidding the darkness adieu

For you no longer want this

To further consume you

Wanting to reach for the sunshine

The aligns your window

Opening it up and pushing your hand through

Allowing the rays to hit your face

A breath of fresh air

That you seek to replace

Every case of the dark

And lace your life

With enough light to make your heart race

And keep pace with hope

A new awareness that you want

To cope with and see life through

A brand-new scope

And the feeling is right

Seeking the day that follows the night

Embracing the new

And putting away the old

Ready to tackle this much needed change

And to what it will bring and unfold

For you won’t put up a fight

Seeing life through new eyes

And leaving the darkness for light


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