An act of revenge that stems from a personal and political vendetta….




A state of disorder

That has been revealed

Igniting and inciting a riot

Of a different set of ideals

And placing them into action

All of this stemming from

A negative and unfair reaction

Those seeking this

As some type of vengeance

Followed by satisfaction

As a necessary act to complete a vision

Absence of law and ignoring government

Yet freedom for individuals

Every step taken afterwards

Is completely intentional

And not discreet

Aiming to make a point

And will continue to repeat

Hitting the very streets

And may result in high order violence

And become an unlawful society

As a product and a result

Of the rebellious variety

Rebel with a cause

Causing panic and concern

And giving the powers that be

A moment of pause

For some would applause these efforts

Liking blending salt with pepper

Wanting to add a flavor

Causing some static

And savor this erratic behavior

Yet feeling justified

And refusing to waver

Wanting to restore power and a justice

That was believed to been taken away

Seeing this ratified

As the radicals have their day

Turning the tide

And making the officials feel some way

Going from rider to driver

And making a serious case

Revolution and insurrection

Disorder and mayhem

With nonrecognition of authority

The agenda and plan here

Is mobocracy


And not just a theory

Upset the established order

And everything becomes chaos

While introducing anarchy


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