Moving At The Speed Of Sound (Part 3)

(Final version)




Causing a chain reaction

With much satisfaction

Gaining and sustaining traction

A visual attraction

That aims to capture

All of the hearts and minds

That was factored

When written

Not meant to be hidden

But smitten

Walking and never tripping

Ripping off rhymes

And dripping lines

Onto the page

On the rage


Set the tone and stage

And causing many to feel some way

With each piece read and displayed



No need to manipulate

Just say what you say

Because I just may

Use the weapon known as the pen

And begin

To set a new literary trend

Yet holding onto the concepts

From where it begins

Then send



Then lend me your ears

So that you can hear

The words come alive

After they appear

Heading in every direction

From mere thoughts to their inception



Gathered in many sections

A poetic confection

No rhetoric along this intersection

To feel this

Hear this

Read this

Each piece sealed with a lyrical kiss

Consist and persist

Couldn’t wait to share this

No hit and miss

Stimulate and witness

Opening closed fists

No resistance

In each instance

Never trivial

Spitting the lyrical

Always original

And read to your heart’s content

Never bent or spent

And won’t put a dent

Into my work

For I cannot run out of this

Pure passion and energy

Penning synergy

Absorbed and circling

Inside of me

Can even be seen

Whether blind or sleep

An avid destiny

Between you and me

The poet

The poetry

Soaring the sky

And running across the ground

No need to ask why

When you see

And feel the poetic wind

Coming and stemming from

Beginning to end

And moving to the beat of a drum

Weight for weight

Pound for pound

Just another poem

Bearing and wearing a lyrical crown

And the final one moving

At the speed of sound


Where writing comes alive

Writings By MCM