To No Longer Stand Alone

Inspired by Maya Angelou….




We cannot make it alone

For we go about each day

Feeling in some way

That no matter what they say

It’s all about me

And getting mine

But how has this worked out so far?

When you don’t even know

Who you truly are

We cannot make it alone

In division with each other

On a mission to sabotage even further

Hurting and insulting

Our sisters and brothers

Despising mothers

And never knowing fathers

And how can we expect

To not be bothered

We cannot make it alone

Needing another to call and form a home

Trying to shield just self

From the shade of much wrong

That seems to not let up

And pacing against us and time

All along

We cannot make it alone

Needing each other like never before

Unity isn’t something

That you can just purchase from the store

We cannot afford nor have the luxury

To be apart anymore

For we must open more windows

Along with more doors

So that we navigate through

This world that is cold and sore

To us

Time to get along and no more fuss

Showing more love and trust

Respect each other

Before we become dust

Forego lust

And inject classy inside of us

Spending less

And supporting more

Being proud of our colors

And heritage as it pours

Over us all

Do not head for a fall

Give a hug and shake a hand

We will not become better

Until this sinks in and we understand

To become prone

And let unity run

All the way down to our very bones

For we as melanated people

And as children of the light and sun

Possess an energy and vibe

Unlike anyone else

Connected more to nature

And our Creator

Beyond your single self

Know this and own this

And no longer get this wrong

For we

For we

My people

Can no longer stand alone


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