Survival Of Color

Inspired by Langston Hughes….




When the man or woman of color speaks

Clap their hands and move their feet

It is to concentrate and direct focus

Away from all that has befallen us

Marred by the system

Mistreated by the law

Freedom was granted

But not for you’ll

Holding back tears

Every time you sense fear

When the evil comes calling

And starts crawling

Towards each of one you

For what are we to do

But to pray on bended knee

And appear semi happy

For all to see

But deep down inside

We reek of misery

Felt all the way down to the soul

But have no other choice

But to carry on

Because our survival depends on it

Even though the pain has taken its toll

Dancing slow

Speaking fast

So that others and self

Can try to outlast

And survive a little while longer

Starving from true freedom

And injustice feeds the hunger

Hated against and criticized

This will not disappear

Playing between the thighs

When the suffering rains within the eyes

Being part of a culture

Known as the despised

A target from every angle

And from each enterprise

Putting on a smile

While all the while

Feeling like your head is underwater

With your song and sonnet heard for miles

The tribulations and trials

With the heart pumping

The blood of our ancestor’s cries

Something that cannot be denied

And asking the question of why

Feeling the music and rhythm

Buried with our system

Shattered notes and melody

Building and yielding to the blues

With also jazz and synchronous harmony

Synonymous with the ominous

And deemed to be underneath

The sanctimonious

But one day

Our glorious beat

Will pulse and race down the streets

And be seen as the instruments

Of what we were truly meant to be

For all we see

Is us hitting the floor

Dancing and moving about

As we close the door

Barely surviving things that cannot be ignored

Felt all the way down to our very core

And begin to feel the heat

Of a roaring summer

For we are the people

Unlike any other

That are the pure embodiment

Of the survival of color


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