Aims to break away from 

The classical and traditional 

To modify and occupy 

The very conditional 

Way of transforming ideas 

Just to adhere with modern times 

Finding that crossing lines 

And leaving behind 

The very origins 

That started before 

And help to create that  

Which many seek and find 

And pretend to aspire to 

Admiring the changes 

And choosing it over 

The foundation laid out before you 

To revolve and evolve into 

But never truly break away 

From what was initially 

Setup in plain view 

Meant to be a timeless classic 

Injecting, correcting, and in addition to 

What most are after and want to capture 

From among the chosen few 

The style of the art 

To never be compromised and torn apart 

By misunderstandings 

And unappreciative decisions 

Making and causing revisions 

And laying out any provision 

That meets and satisfies 

Rebels and compels 

To the non-critical mind 

Because the necessary concepts 

Have been removed and due to 

Getting with the times 

Turning off a light 

That was always meant to shine 

And if this pattern isn’t followed 

It is met with disinterest 

And unconstructive criticism 

The classical becoming 

The last of a dying breed 

Because too many feel the need 

To feed into modernism 


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