The foundation and purity of poetry….




Remembering and bringing

Poetry to life

Like in the days of old

Knowing and adhering to the power of words

With a specific focus and light

And brining many to the fold

Not to be exploited and sold

But wrote for the mere passion

With much heart

And no hesitation of the bold

Drawing a crowd and audience naturally

For all to hear and see

Look upon and read

And knowing that based on

The reactions around

Poetry was sound and found to be

Like the air that we breathe

Life filled with hope and a destiny

The crowning of an achievement

Through the language arts and the literary

Poet laureates

That simply spoke for self

With the many works that were famed

Recorded in the books and framed

That were for the world and everyone else

Seen as a value and a written treasure

With many having the pleasure

To engross themselves in the poetry

Writings by esteemed poets

That strived and thrived to be

The living example of the lyrical

And thinking that was critical

Many works that were original

Blew pass the cynical

Showcasing and stating

What poetry was meant to be

And the true purpose that it served

Touching minds and hearts everywhere

And causing reactions

That before was just unheard

Never seen as absurd

Just history in the making

And leaving behind

A written legacy

For all to read and enjoy

This unique undertaking

And to be bilateral

This was poetry at its finest

And always classical


Where writing comes alive

Writings By MCM