Tunnel Vision



Not looking left 

Not looking right 

Seeing straight ahead only 

With a very focused mind 

Eyes on a target 

And within your sights 

Lined up  

And in a zone 

In this moment 

Within the deep recesses of the mind 

And wanting to be left alone 

Or at least until 

You’ve reached your destination 

And calling this a temporary home 

In center field of view 

Focusing exclusively 

On what lies in front of you 

Having the direct tendency 

And not defective 

Just through one’s own perspective 

And may or may not be properly seen 

A narrow concentration 

And everything in between 

Single and narrow minded 

In this very moment 

A visual and mental fixation 

That arrived but hasn’t went 

Hasn’t left the building just yet 

Not always under constriction 

For at times this needs 

No optical invention 

Focused so heavily 

That you refuse 

To use your peripherals 

Moving through a circular tunnel 

And defying the subliminal 

To you and for you 

This is critical 

The retention of a focused visual 

With a very specific angle and intention 

Traveling and barreling  

And unraveling mentally through 

This semi collision of a decision 

For this has kidnapped and captured you 

And met with tunnel vision 


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