Ode To Poetry

To all whom poetry has helped save….




Staying with me

No matter what I feel or go through

Seeing me through much tragedy

But never severed my connection with you

Sometimes being the very thing

That held me in place and kept me sane

As my voyage along this world and life

Stays cold and remains unchanged

And it seems so strange

Moving down a road

And trying to stay in one lane

But I gained you long ago

You saw me through many tough times

And never once bid me adieu

Tried and true

A loyalty worth its weight in gold

Being there always when needed

And never let me go

Being in the midst of darkness

And the many hearts that felt froze

Including my own

And not one soul

Can say it isn’t so

Because you stuck it out with me

And never left me alone

Having you always to fall back on

Given to me through the Creator

Is how I received you in the first place

Right from the start and not later

And once I got the initial taste of you

I have savored it since

And have written enough poems for two

Helping me also to outlast

All the things that I’ve been through

Seen and unseen

Much appreciation here always

And held at high esteem

As I pen the sincere truth

For this poetry

Is my ode to you


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