Closing Self Off

This is a poem that truly resonates with me….As it is something I have done myself at times….And I hope that this piece truly touches more lives….




The recluse 

That has become you 

A false sense of reality  

That is believed 

For all you need 

Is just you right? 

Desiring to be alone 

And left alone 

Every single day and night 

Because you have determined 

That this is what’s best for me 

With no need to see 

Any differently 

A person that has climbed into a shell 

Hiding yourself away from the rest of the world 

An oyster with no pearl 

As far as anyone can assume or tell 

While you sit a spell 

Day in and day out 

And trying your best 

To go without 

Any human contact at all 

Having reached an area 

After a fall 

But wanting to stay there 

And truly believing 

That no one cares 

Preferring to mull around in despair 

Rolling around in your head 

And calling this fair 

This is no way to be 

And it won’t take you very far 

Or anywhere for that matter 

Nervous to adapt and change 

Feeling that if you come within range 

As your very teeth chatter 

And your mind feels scattered

As your mere thoughts

Seem to pitter-patter at the idea

That people may find you strange 

And think of you as deranged 

But you must come to grips 

And know that you are not insane 

You just fell off the map and grid 

And decided that it 

Was in your best interest 

To stay hid 

Now bid and bet on yourself 

Time for you to raise your head 

And come out of your shell 

Take in some fresh air 

And at least smell the outside 

For there is more going on 

So, get out of that chair 

As time and the world 

Just keeps on moving 

Besides what you’ve been doing 

Gather yourself together 

And be the oyster with a pearl 

Come and join the rest of us 

And not close yourself off 

To the rest of the world 


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