I Am Here

“I Am Here” poems:  Followups to the poem “I Am”




I am here

To bring you the type of poetry

That you’ll be able to relate to

Feel and see

Delivering the words to the world

That it sorely needs

I am here

To write and fly

Having countless reasons why

I have a mission to fulfill

With the main agenda present

In each piece that I reveal

As the words spill onto the page

Hoping to set many birds free

That are stuck in a cage

Despite anyone’s race

No matter the case

And to put smiles on each face

Every time my work is read

With a warm and tingly feeling all over

That is the only result instead

I am here

To be the eye of the storm

To wake people up

And to sound the alarm

To bring about peace and unity

When most feel divided and torn

To shine a light over the world

That will indicate where this is going

With each poem

Because half the battle is knowing

The passion is ever growing

And constantly showing

While my poetic mind is brainstorming

And the next piece is being formulated

With my goal and intentions

Being indicated and never understated

Comes highly rated and vindicated

And my poetic fire

Will never get faded

I am here

To reach for the pen

That I call my poetic spear

Here from start to end

And hope to never be

The last of a dying breed

But will continue to travel on

As it appears

Even if everyone else disappears


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