I Am Here (Part 2)



Failure is not an option

Just the willingness to succeed

There is no stopping

And delivering upon various degrees

I am here

For many to witness

Me and this art form to exist

A quiet storm ready to commandeer

All the hearts and minds

With a vision that is crystal clear

And will stand the test of time

I am here

With a message and purpose

That will arrive urgently

Driving my poetry

Pass the surface

The open window with no curtain

Lurking and for certain

To move along this Earth

As I take a literary and lyrical ride

With pen and paper in hand

Soaring the poetical sky above

Now taking the time to land

Just waiting to unleash

And vastly increase

What is on the inside

Steadily on the rise

And seeing the fire within

Burning through my brown eyes

The shock and awe

That helped to change lives

And to take a flight

High above the stratosphere

Divulging and displaying

Exactly what my poetry is truly saying

Well beyond what you see and hear

Conveying the very reasons why





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