The Homeless

A very serious problem across the world….and one that needs more of our attention….my heart goes out those that this affects each and everyday….




Watching as people go by 

And just going on about the day 

With their lives 
On the ground looking up at the sky 

Do they ever ask why? 

Can we see an ounce of hope? 

In them as we look into 

The whites of their eyes
While simply walking by 

Do we even wander for a second? 

What is going on with them 
On the inside  

And not what’s just seen 

Only on the outside 

How did they get there?

As something obviously took place 

At a very crucial moment 

In their lives 

And spending time 

Thinking and hoping 

That they could hit the rewind button 

As life took an unfortunate turn 

All of a sudden 

Doing whatever they can 

To survive each day and night 

With most never holding 

Their hand out 

With most not showing a pout 

Yet have succumbed to 

And have gotten use to 

Being shadows of their former selves 

As they sit, stand, and lay still 

Unlike everyone else 

Searching for the next meal 

And no roof to be had 

With a situation that is bad 

And no appeal 

But what they go through 

Is very real 

And all around us 

Taking things for granted 

As we often times make a fuss 

Over material things 

While they have to make decisions 

On the simplest items 

As its usually a toss up 

On what to leave behind 

Keep or bring 

And probably complain 

A whole lot less 

Than those who have everything 

They want or need 

Desiring this like all the rest 

But having to make due 

With much less 

More care and understanding 

Should be shown their way 

Don’t be rude and judgmental 

Towards them when they speak 

As most of them 

Can still show some kind of smile 

Despite their predicament 

As we just came around them and went away 

Since when 

Did we all begin 

To not have care and compassion 

Anymore of our fellow man 

Or for the fray 

To speak up and take action 

Time to make a stand 

And draw a line in the sand 

About this situation 

That houses so many 

And all of the issues associated with this 

Unfortunately, are plenty 

Enjoying the mere pleasures of life 

While others are suffering 

Within the city 

And don’t possess very much 

Because the reality for us 

Is out of touch for them 

Their chances always seem 

Severely numbered and slim 

And many days feeling grim 

The real question here is 

What can the rest of us do 

To actually help them 

Not just once but often enough 

Until we can eventually solve 

This ongoing dilemma and problem 

For it has become too much 

And acting as such 

Pretending and ignoring 

The fact that this exists 

As if the issue at hand 

Will just fix itself 

We already have 

Enough resources in place 

So, we definitely and certainly could 

Whittle down and resolve each case 

If we just get our true priorities straight 

It is not too late 

But it will be 

If this continues and we sit around 

Turning a blind eye or just wait 

This is an awful display 

Of humanity sorely lacking and acting 

Its best 

Failing the real tests 

Without breaking a sweat 

For we have all become 

Way too comfortable with those 

That have far less 

And could care less 

For the pressures of this world 

Adversely affects those known as 

The homeless 


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