Keep Going

Never give up and hang on until the end. Because what you want and need may be waiting right there….you just have to believe….




Cannot quit

Cannot stop

Cannot afford to slow down

Fall off or drop

Have to keep going

No matter what

No if, ands, or buts

And just when I’ve had enough

The situation at hand has become too much

Grinding and rough

Feeling weakened by it

But always want to be tough

Knocked down constantly

Over and over

I must stand up

And throw this over my shoulder

Carry this forward

Eventually reaching the point

Where it can be thrown away

In order to make for a better day

Going towards the future

And waiting for it to take shape

And until this actually happens

I will feel out of place

Never a good feeling

Falling down on one’s face

Trying to enhance my personal space

But no matter what effort I put in

The results at times

Seem not to take place

Nor can find a trace

Of success on the way

Familiar with failure

From many endeavors

But can’t live in darkness

With the negative taken over

And bending me out of shape

Throwing me out of sorts

For at the end of all of this

I want straight A’s on my report

Just have to muster the energy

To stay motivated and positive

Finding self-existing

And fighting to actually live

But fate is far from being sealed

I will push on

Until I can’t anymore

Then crawl if I have to

To reach out some more

Because it will never happen

If you truly quit

But it may have a chance

If you can stick to it

Keep growing

Keep roaring

Do good always

To truly reap the final sowing

Pulling self together

And continue restoring

Because even in the thick of things

And in the midst of the chaos it brings

You must gather and find the strength

From somewhere and begin forming

In order to 

Keep on going


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