The Puzzled Mind



A cluster of thoughts inside 

Filling up the mind 

So much so 

That this can be seen 

By looking at the eyes 

And able to recognize 

A puzzle of sorts 

As the mind feels distorted 

And too much going on 

So much noise 

But every thought had 

Just won’t leave one alone 

Not poised enough to sift through it all  

Trying to sort through decisions 

And differentiate between right and wrong 

Going on for far too long 

Scattered and shattered pieces  

That seem not to fit together 

Feeling tattered or just hit and miss 

Stress and worry forms 

When you feel alarmed 

As your mind feels like 

It’s in the middle of a storm 

As the body feels cool and warm 

Simultaneously to the touch 

As your heart and pulse race 

And starting to become too much 

Performing as a pacing symphony 

Feeling a bit lost 

And an unsure identity 

That hopes to be only temporary 

Until all is figured out 

Starting to have doubts 

As desperation starts to loom 

And taking up space and room 

Where further logic 

Needs to pick up and resume 

That will help produce 

Much needed results very soon 

From rise to shine 

And with everything to survive 

Just falls in line 

With hopes that it arrives on time 

Because this is of the essence 

As each struggle teaches a lesson 

And not to divide 

Nor quit inside 

Fatigued on the outside 

Weary tears from the eyes 

And where disappointment lies 

To hang in there and last 

Until the day that will shine 

Finally arrives 

As it comes and clears up 

Just in the nick of time 

Settling and winding down 

The puzzled mind 


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