Shall I Wait



Shall I look for and wait for

A clear summer’s day

And be someone different for a moment

In some form of way

Challenging myself

And keeping up with the pace

As situations around me

Makes my pulse and heart race

With the very look

Seen upon my face

But in any case

Watching as things vanish

Or never actually take shape

Positivity that cannot be traced

Due to the negative being in place

Trying each day

Right where I lay

And awaken to

More obstacles that appear as the truth

Or is this keen mind

Just playing tricks on you

Hoping and waiting

To self soothe

Praying that unforeseen things

Don’t get the best of you

Cannot approve of issues

That try to devalue me

Or what I can be

Refusing to sit back and believe

That this is my destiny

As the life I breathe

And live

For when asked during this time

I will plead the fifth

Going about the day

With thoughts circling round about

As each breath of mine goes in and out

And without a doubt

There in my silence

As I sometimes scream and shout

And come what may

Yet say

And would pay

For just one day

If I could go even a night

To not be a part of the fray

Or live within the gray

Not expecting a silver tray

But have grown tired also

Of it defaulting this way

Just trying to hang on

Each and everyday

Stay up and with my head held high

As I look to the sky

And ask the question why

Seen through these eyes

And anxious for great things

To actually take form and shape

For I have no time to waste

Ready for the rewards

From being flexible and open minded

And less straight laced

So, shall I continue

To look for and wait for

A true summer’s day


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