To not kick a person when they are down….And not to pour gas on an already flaming fire….Is this really too hard for most people to understand?? Let’s see a show of hands….




Is this so hard?

Is this so difficult?

For some this is not a problem

And not withstanding

For the whole world would be

So much better off

If we all could spread and be

More understanding

Treating those how you want to be treated

And not to ridicule or judge

Unless you have walked in their shoes

And at times felt defeated

For some people won’t even budge

As they indulge and bask in 

Some people’s misery

Celebrating insensitive victories

But never once paid their dues

Never knowing the true meaning of this

Wasn’t the solution

And doesn’t exist at times

Not caring enough about the effects

This has on others

Because I’m just too busy

Trying to get mine

And moving on to the next

All the while stepping on backs and necks

Of other sisters and brothers

Just don’t even bother

To actually comprehend

Or pretend to do so

And just how far does anyone think

That this will go

Cannot show or display at home

More less the outside of it

Better at times to be left alone

Than having to deal with people like this

As you scroll down your list

Just how many people do you know

Are exactly like this

No sympathy 

Nor empathy

With a tightly closed but nervous fist

Being unaware of other’s feelings and situations

And when known

They succumb to stagnation

But I can salute those

That this doesn’t pertain to

For anyone that has you

They have a person

Worth their weight in gold

Because this is beginning to become a rarity

So, I hope

That they appreciate you

And of course, do so in return

For we all need to learn

To do this more

For this could move mountains

And really shakeup someone’s core

In a good way

When this is being conveyed

But how many accomplish this simple thing?

Let’s count the surveys

And see what results were made

For it is truly priceless

Putting a smile on someone’s face

As this feeling replaced

Just for a moment what was being felt

And won’t soon forget

For you being there mattered most

When no one else could

Or even would

From the very start

For having the right heart

Is like moving the waters from coast to coast

Hitting the shore with a peaceful landing

And all of the words associated with

The real meaning of understanding


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