Taken Away

For a dream that never happened and where does one go from here????




I had a dream

But this dream has been taken from me

Having to settle and wrestle

With much stress and agony

Disappointment that just seems to loom

And all of the hard work that was done

Never materialized the results deserved

And the energy of this gone too soon

The mind and heart darkened

While seemingly stuck in this room

A vault if you will

Looking and reaching for more

But the door has been sealed

The windows are closed

For this situation

Has become way too real

And too much 

Of what I’ve come to know

A strong ambition

But nothing shows

And have to find the motivation

To keep on going

And try to stay on my toes

Feeling empty at every turn

Due to laying a hand on things

Then wind up burned

Seeing them in sight

And closing the distantance

Yet eyes with no light

Cause nothing worked for

Has come to actual fruition

Or met with unfair conditions

Can’t ever seem to get ahead

And bowing my head

To the many failed attempts and attrition

A very dark place is where I reside

With tiny bit of light resting inside

Rest and sleep would be a luxury

And a day and night

Without stress and strife

Would be nice to feel and see

Why does this keep occurring?

What is the meaning of this agony?

For all I want 

Is to be free

And be able to enjoy for once

What I worked so very hard for

And actually receive and reap

So I can walk through the door

Looking forward and having more

Of the things meant for me

For there is more to life

Than watching other people live it

Tired of not being able

To stay behind the line

Due to always going pass my limit

Because all of this

After a while

Begins to seriously take its toll

How is one to truly grow?

When the negative overtakes the positive

And happens too many times in a row

Uncomfortable and miserable

Right where I lay

An abnormality that was never wanted

Or warranted

And barely finding the words 

To describe all of this or say

As I continue to live with

My dream being taken away


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