Esoteric Allusion



Vital information

Held back and hidden

Kept secret and missing

The formation of this

Sealed and only revealed

To the most elite and privileged

Trivial in nature

Intended and likely to be understood

For those at the right time and position

That actually could and are privy

To various things that are purposely

Kept away from the many

Vast seclusion and fed delusions

And what is taught and shown

Is convoluted in every way

Shape, form, and space

Until one day

This gets uncovered and exposed

Punishing those

Who come into the know

A deer in headlights look

When this info

Ends up going pass the fold

Money never an object

And spending whatever is necessary

To keep the deceptions and lies going

To keep the secrets and darkness

Flowing and growing

While others are asleep to the fact

That this in itself

Is a vicious and uncaring act

Anything to stay above

Everyone else

And breathe and conjure up

A steady diet of misinformation

And constant confusion

And here in lies the results

Of esoteric allusion


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