True reality and is worth living and saving….




Suppose to be a fictional place

But in the world in which we live

And the vast nations

This is not the case

A reality affixed within a dystopia

But seen and shown to be

Taught and said to be

A constant utopia

But only to those who are truly asleep

For those that are awaken

There is no mistaking

The wool that has been pulled over the eyes

And they are not surprised

As the darkness continues to loom and rise

Felt inside and shown outside

For this is realized

But unfortunately

By not enough people

As they live through the daily sequels

Of unfairness and the unequal

Falling under totalitarian rule

From the very first day of school

A society characterized by

Human misery and squalor

Oppression and misinterpreted overcrowding

And brushed off as candor

Not an imagined state

Where things are bad or unpleasant

Seeing and treating the people or citizens

As unworthy or peasants

Sound asleep residents

Lured into a false sense of security

With every waking day and presence

Has become typical and also

An environmentally degraded one

Doing so for mere evil and fun

And not to be outdone or undone

No care or compassion at all

No harmony or peace

With how many times in a row

That this happens

Even well beyond what is shown

And what people actually know

Wreaking havoc and fear

In every direction and to whom it appears

Or comes near and drops a tear

A truth not a fantasy

The sinister reality revealed

Embedded and sealed

Indoctrinated and steered

An actual dystopia if you will

Use your senses to feel

Start to differentiate

And discern the false from the real

As this releases and builds

Many disturbing things and phobias

Living in a world and nations

That are the epitome and definition

Of a cacotopia

Wake up to

The actual dystopia


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