The Dark Room

This poem is for anyone who ever hit the bottom in their life and thought that it was going nowhere….




Sitting here is this dark room

As my thoughts loom

Being consumed

Wandering if this will continue

And become a victim of impending doom

With all that I feel

And all that I’m thinking

As the darkness reveals

To where I’m sinking

Deep in shadow

With light missing from the eyes

Is this what I’ve come to know?

Or have to accept

Or realize

As the emotions flow like the oceans

From where they reside

Sitting still and then lie

The depth of the commotion

Felt inside

Asking why each time

In this life of mine

Being hit continuously

Where the sun doesn’t shine

Right beside the room

The outside filled with gloom

Where peace needs to arrive

And very soon

Covered by the dark

As I try to embark

On life in general

Moving at a slow pace

That seems conditional

And been waiting for a while

To actually rise

For this has been

A long time coming

And been waiting for some time

No smile to be had

Nor looking sad

Just a grim and numb look

That tends to come off mad

But that is all

That anyone can see

For I’m the one

That truly knows what’s going on

Deep down inside of me

Feeling swept away

By the broom

As I sit here quietly

All to myself

Inside of this dark room


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