Followup to the poem “Paradox”




Those of a puzzling situation

A contradiction of sorts

Contrary and misrepresentation

Allow me to retort

Having to adhere to wickedness

And be a good sport

Victims drowning in indignation

And swimming across inexplicable situations

Angered and annoyed

By circumstances they cannot avoid

Barely seen and having no real voice

To even speak of

Praying for change from above

Unfair treatment that is not only perceived

But actually, and realistically received

Living lives that are complex

Never knowing what will come next

And severely vexed

An inexplicable occurrence

That was never warranted

Completely evil and insensitive

Causing much grief and fears

And bringing many to tears

Going on for many years

And all of the blood spilled

With these people still

Feeling life with no thrills

Having some unfair fate sealed

And a frown upon their faces

That is constantly seen and revealed

A life that needs a repeal

Unable to truly relax and just chill

Frankly seen as criminals

And shown in every case

That is subliminal

Disappearances giving rise

Too much speculation

So, riddle me this

How would others feel

If their lives ended up like this

Always consisted of being hated and plotted against

Waking up daily to this

With each breath that consists and persists

And all around them this constantly exists

Seen differently and subhuman

Just because of the pigment in their skin

Added loss and never meant to win

The situation at hand often

Every since this began

For all of this

Has caused deep scarring and stigmas

Towards people who are the true and living examples

Of an enigma


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