The Pen That Never Ends

A true poet never stops writing….




I am the pen that never ends

And refuse to run dry

The literary trend and lyrical spin

That never waves goodbye

No time to sit at idle

As the goal is to top and rival

To be silky smooth as the sound of vinyl

And to ignite a spark with every single title

Penning the poetic

Embracing the energetic

Becoming more magnetic

I won’t ever regret it

Leaving my stamp and seal

As to always take credit

And there I said it

Moving into territory

That will evolve one day

Beyond what I expect it

The paper is the target

And the pen is the weapon

To light up the world with this art form

And with no exceptions

Positive perceptions

With each poetical conception

To create and cruise along

My very own intersection

Showing care and affection

And lending life lessons

In essence

Doing so with much aggression

Constantly pushing forward

Reacting and attacking

Without hesitation

With each piece written

For my work to be admired

By each one bitten by my poetry

To feel inspired

And painting the picture

Of my allegory

By day and by night

Writing until my last breath

And continuing to fight the good fight

Using my work to shine a light

That will be nice and bright

Covering the darkness over

And sealing it in tight

To behave and be brave

In each and every case

To be classy and artistic

As each piece meets and greets

Every single face

In each place and race

And never seen as out-of-place

To outpace the hate

So that peace will have a chance

To have its day

Motivate and persuade

Yet lace poetry

With hope and better memories

For I am the pen that never ends

And refuse to run dry

The literary trend and lyrical spin

That will never wave goodbye


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