Meeting At The Bench

The followup to the poem “To Sit For A While”




For months

This woman comes to this bench

Hoping and waiting

For this particular gent

As he came and went

After their first meeting

With such an impression left

And a heartfelt greeting

Proceeding each day as she

Looks for him to comeback her way

But day after day

He is nowhere to be found

And she has almost forgotten

His very voice and its sound

Just wandering when or if

He will comeback around

As her heart smiles for a while

And felt for miles

Yet compiles the concern

Of seeing him ever again

And if so exactly when?

But what she did not know

Is that this man

Had a terrible accident

He survived but was

Completely out of it

And down for months

But eventually snapped out of it

And began to heal

Getting back to his normal self

Being very thankful for each breath

So then one day

He was out and about

And headed that way

Towards the place where she

Is typically at

He sees her right when

She is about to leave

For he is happy but also in disbelief

He says her name

She turns around and smiles

They greet each other

And hug for a while

She states that she

Was just about to give up

Because continuing to come here and wait

Had started to become too much

But so glad that she waited

As her and his heart melted

And skipped a beat from the rush

And then he states

That he had thought about them

As he told his story

About his sudden absence

Explains to her what exactly happened

She begins to cry

But he tells her also the reason why

He stated that what got him through

Was thinking about her

And what he would do

If he saw her face again

Because life without her

Would had truly been the end

He takes a moment right then

To get on his knees

And presents to her

A shiny diamond ring

He states the she is everything

That he always wanted

And never wants to be

Away from her ever again

As the timing may seem unorthodox

And not the typical trend

As his love for her was like a thirst

That has finally been quenched

She gladly and happily accepts

And has never had these tears

For anyone else

They hug and kiss

Then sat down together

Right where they had met since

As all of this was started

From a meeting at the bench


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